Ice bath pump and filter: DIY setup for clean water

Keeping our ice baths clean should be a priority to prevent bathing in contaminated water which could cause skin irritation and infections. Typically water will last a couple of weeks between needing changing. But with an ice bath pump and filter, we can extend this time to months!

This article will explain how we can take a basic ice bath setup and bring it to the next level – allowing you to experience cleaner water and waste less time manually cleaning and changing out water. Alongside water pump information, we’ll also explain how hydrogen peroxide can be used in your ice bath.

Water pump and filter

A simple water pump and filter is a game-changer for keeping ice bath water clean. Water circulation is key to preventing bacteria growth and buildup which can happen much easier in stagnant water.

Another positive of using a water pump is that flowing water will feel colder than still water due to the flow breaking up the thermal layer your body creates. This means more effective cold water practice and potentially greater metabolic effects.

Premium ice baths typically have a water pump and filter. So if you’re looking for cheaper ways to upgrade your budget set-up for a more effective ice bath practice and less maintenance, have a look at the below recommended products.

It’s recommended to leave the water pump on to ensure the water stays circulating, paired with showering before use you can expect your water to stay clean for around 2 months before changes.

Based on research most ice bath fanatics recommend the below internal water pump. This pump is designed for use in plunges up to 440 litres and is capable of filtering up to 1300 litres of water an hour.

Unfortunately, this is a US product, which uses a different standard of volts so to make it work in UK, you’d need a step down converter. I’ve recommended further below internal and external UK pump and filter products.

MarineLand Magnum Polishing Internal Canister Filter
  • For use in ice baths up to 440 litres (97 gallons)
  • Filters up to 1300 litres of water per hour (290 gallons)
  • Internal canister filter
  • This is a US product. To be used in the UK would require step down converter
Blagdon Internal Pump And Filter
  • Suitable for very large ice baths
  • Filters up to 700 litres of water per hour
  • Internal filter
  • Includes UV light
allpondsolutions 1000EF Aquarium External Pump

For a more budget-friendly approach, there is a good external pump available as well. This comes with all the hoses and filters as well. There are varying models of this pump which will impact how many liters it can filter per hour. For a regular 350-litre ice bath, the base 1000litre/hour model should work fine.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is regularly used in ice baths to stabilise and oxidise the water. It’s an inexpensive way to keep your water cleaner for longer between changes. Best of all it is extremely easy to purchase and use.

It’s recommended to add about 1/2 a cup each time you change your ice bath water with new water. Some people add a capful after each plunge to ensure that the hydrogen peroxide continues to do its magic.

By using hydrogen peroxide as part of your ice bath maintenance routine, you can expect to add another few weeks to a month of clean water time when paired with a water pump.

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – Purest Grade 12% (<11.99%) – 1 Litre – Unstabilized and Additive Free – 40 Vols
  • Food-grade hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 litre

Using the above products correctly in your ice bath maintenance routine, you could get around 4 months of clean water between changes. Some people get more, and some people less. There are a few variables involved such as external dirt getting in, make sure to use a lid and shower before use to extend the clean water life.





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