Mental highlight reel: How it can help anxiety

You may be wondering what is a mental highlight reel. I’ve only recently discovered this, it was brought to my attention by the great and powerful Michael Chandler. Chandler is a famous athlete, fighter, and a great role model for those who want to build a strong body and mind.

The concept of a mental highlight reel was first introduced in Mind Gym by Gary Mack, which is an athlete’s guide to mastering your mind.

What is a mental highlight reel?

The concept of a mental highlight reel is quite a simple one. A mental highlight reel is a list of specific times when you believe you have performed great. These should be times when you were proud of yourself and defied the odds despite your own doubts, or the opinions of others. When you remember these specific moments you should remember what you felt during and after. The more specific the better, you should remember things like sounds, emotions, smells, and environment.

When running through your mental highlight reel, you should be able to bring yourself back to that very moment. You should be able to visualise exactly what happened in first-person and from a third-person view. You should be able to feel the notable moments that made that highlight a successful event.

Write your mental highlight reel down so you can remember the specifics and recite them in your head when you need to, read on to understand why this can be a good idea.

How a mental highlight reel can help anxiety

A mental highlight reel is a visualisation technique that can help you regain confidence and eliminate anxiety. You can run through your mental highlight reel before an important event where you have to perform. Or if you’re feeling low, to remind yourself of what you have achieved to get to this point.

It can be easy to overlook the great things you have done in life when you are constantly worrying about achieving the next thing. But consciously reciting your highlight reel will put you in a better mental state to appreciate how far you’ve come, and reach your next set of goals.

A mental highlight reel helps train your mind to get comfortable with winning environments. It highlights all the times you’ve overcome adversity and reminds yourself that you are not here by accident. Attaining this mindset can be extremely beneficial before a big event, whether it’s an important presentation, interview, or a physically demanding performance.

Don’t compare yourself

Remember to avoid comparison to others, this will only make you unhappier. Your powerful moments within your mental highlight reel are moments that are powerful and important to you. They are subjective to your accomplishments and experience. Comparing yourself to others may distract you from getting closer to working towards your higher self, the focus should be on you.

Your mental highlight reel does not need to be specific to one area of your life. It can span across your financial, academic, and physical achievements. An example might be buying your first home, landing the job you always wanted, or competing in a sport you love.

Whatever you decide to add to your highlight reel, make sure you keep adding to it and reciting it regularly. It’ll remind you why you are doing what you’re doing and make you proud of the life you’re leading.





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