UV filter for ice baths: How to use & best products

Keeping our ice baths sanitary is important and should not be forgotten. Not only does it reduce health risks from contaminants, but it also saves us time having to change water frequently between uses. In this article, we’ll be looking at how a UV filter for ice baths can be used.

There are many ways we can keep our ice baths clean, and a UV filter is just one method. Another popular approach is using a water pump and filter, or chemical compounds such as hydrogen peroxide and bromine.

The importance of keeping your ice bath clean

If you don’t keep on top of a decent cleaning and maintenance routine for your ice bath, several things will happen. You will;

  • Spend more time changing the water more regularly
  • More regular deep cleans when the water is changed
  • Increased contaminants and bacteria
  • Increased risk of infections and skin irritations

This is why it’s important to keep our equipment clean and have measures in place that support a clean environment. It will help us spend less time worrying about contaminants and cleaning, and slow down corrosion on the ice bath itself.

What is a UV filter?

A common misconception about UV filters is that ultraviolet and filters are the same thing. They are in fact two different things performing different jobs, but generally exist in the same device. The ultraviolet light sterilises the water as it passes through, removing algae and bacteria.

The filter provides another purpose, by using mechanical filtration. This process will remove solid particles and help maintain the water’s cleanliness. Pairing both UV light and a filter will continuously remove harmful bacteria, to help keep your water clear for longer.

Using a UV filter for an ice bath

Some expensive ice baths come pre-built with UV filtration, but if you don’t have a fancy ice bath then fear not. You can simply buy one and fit it yourself.

The device itself is very simple. Typically a UV filter is a simple unit that you can place right into your ice bath. The process is simple, the water will be drawn through the pump and filtered, and then sanitised from the ultraviolet light.

The UV filter runs all the time to keep your ice bath clean. If your ice bath is a bit cramped with the pump in, then you can of course remove it before getting in.

When looking for a UV filter, the thing to look for is the recommended capacity for the filter and also how much use the ice bath is getting. Below I have included various product recommendations and considerations.

Here are some recommended UV filters depending on your requirements and ice bath usage.

UV Light without filter

If you already have an ice bath pump and filter, but you’re still interested in integrating UV lights to sanitise the water, then you can simply get a UV light to pop into the ice bath. Your existing water pump with the filter will handle the mechanical filtration, whilst the UV light below will work separately.

Currently priced at £21.99

Budget UV filter

This UV filter is recommended for water volumes up to 1000 litres. It features an adjustable flow rate and has everything you need to keep your ice bath clean. It includes filter foam and maifan stones which is a cost-effective way to help remove toxins and bacteria.

This filter is suitable for people with smaller ice baths (around 400 litres) that are used fairly regularly.

Currently priced at £49.99

High-end UV filter

If you are someone with a particularly large ice bath (>500 litres) and your ice bath is used multiple times a day, then you should consider a more powerful UV filter. This filter which has a flow rate of up to 700 litres an hour would be able to keep up with the extra bacteria.

Running this filter could be over the top for smaller ice baths that are used a couple of times a week. However, if you are someone who has a large ice bath and uses it every day then this filter is sure to keep bacteria at bay. With consistent water flow, it will also help oxygenate your ice bath.

Currently priced at £124.95

Please note: In the UK it is illegal for manufacturers to supply an indoor use 3-pin plug with a fixed outdoor product for safety reasons. Consult a professional when fitting your UV filter.





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