Hydrogen peroxide in ice bath: How to keep your tub clean

Are you wondering how to use hydrogen peroxide in your ice bath? Read on for some guidance on how to keep your tub clean.

In this article, we’ll look at the importance of keeping your ice bath clean, the benefits of using hydrogen peroxide, and other ways to keep your ice bath clean.

Why is it important to keep ice baths clean?

Keeping our ice baths clean is important to prevent issues that may arise from bathing in contaminated water. The last thing you want is infections and skin irritations from bathing in dirty water so having a good maintenance routine is key.

Keeping on top of a solid cleaning maintenance routine will stop contaminants from building up and slow down the wear on your ice bath by preventing excessive corrosion.

How quickly water gets contaminated depends on several factors, with no measures in place you can expect it to last only a couple weeks. With certain help from pumps and filters, you could see your water last for months. The above shows why it’s important to keep your ice bath clean, and with a good routine you can yourself a lot of time with less frequent refills.

How can hydrogen peroxide be used in an ice bath?

Hydrogen peroxide is commonly used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and anti-septic. This compound is commonly used in ice baths to stabilise and oxidize the water as it’s a relatively inexpensive and low-effort way to achieve this. Regular use of hydrogen peroxide in your ice bath can keep your water cleaner for longer in between changes.

I’d recommend using around half a cup of hydrogen peroxide every time you replace your ice bath water. You can also add an extra capful after each plunge to make sure the hydrogen peroxide continues to oxidize and remove bacteria.

By using hydrogen peroxide as part of your ice bath maintenance routine, you will slow down the growth of bacteria. Pairing hydrogen peroxide with other techniques can seriously prolong the time between water changes. With just hydrogen peroxide you can expect another week or two, but paired with a water pump and filter you can reach months between changes.

Hydrogen peroxide

Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide – 1 litre

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This product comes in 2x 500ml bottles, providing you an easy-to-use approach to keep your ice bath cleaner for longer.

hydrogen peroxide in ice bath

Other ways to keep your ice bath clean

There are many different ways we can keep our ice bath clean, this doesn’t have to revolve around new products, it can be as simple as making sure we’re clean before using our ice bath.

Here are some other ways to keep your ice bath clean:

  • Fitting a pump and filter
    • This requires some up-front investment but is the most effective way of keeping your ice bath water clean for long.
  • Bromine tablets
    • Bromine slowly kills bacteria over a long period of time
  • Keep your ice bath covered
  • Shower before plunging
    • You’d be surprised how much dirt and bacteria build up on our bodies over the day. Wear shoes to prevent dirt from getting on the bottom of your ice bath.
  • Deep clean the tub
    • Ideally deep clean the tub every time the water is changed over. A simple bleach spray and cloth are enough to wipe away existing grime.





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